Nose Work - Scent Detection

Nose work is a game that maximizes your dog’s sniffing talent. It burns mental and physical energy like no other hobby can.

Our nose work classes are offered in 4 levels that should be taken consecutively:  Scroll down as the full description is below the graphic!


Class Days and Times

Mondays at 6:30pm, Mondays at 8:00pm. Click on Sign Up to see specific dates.

Number of Classes

4 in each level


Maximum of 4

Class Length

1-1.25 hours


Varies depending on the level you're attending.

Class process

The dogs take their turn one at a time which means each dog gets about 15-20 minutes of sniffing time in total. That duration is broken up into short sessions - they have a short turn and then go back to the vehicle (other suggestions available) to wait while the other dogs rotate through their short turns. This rotation continues until class time is over. While 20 minutes in total may not seem like a lot of sniffing time - IT IS A LOT of sniffing time - nose work is very mentally tiring.
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