The skills taught in this fun group class are applicable to all of the various Rally Obedience organizations. Each lesson includes skills and course practice.

This class will help you add precision to your dog's sit, down, stand, coming when called and loose leash walking.

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Dog is friendly with humans; dog has previously attended a group class and is comfortable working in a group class setting; dog knows skills such as sit, down, coming when called and loose leash walking.

Class Days and Times

Thursday evenings. Scroll down and click on Sign Up to see specific dates.

Number of Classes

Choose your own adventure. These are stand-alone lessons (meaning you don't have to sign up for  a set of classes). Each lesson includes skills as well as course practice.


Maximum of 6

Class Length

45-55 minutes

Room Size

2500 square feet


In front of the building or on the street

What to Bring

Treat pouch filled with pea-sized treats
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