Our Agility program has 6 topics. Each topic is 4 lessons.

Foundations Skills: 4 lessons. Foundations Skills is the prerequisite for all other topics listed below. Once you've completed Foundations then each set of the topics below can be attended in any order (with the exception of Sequencing).

Jumps: 4 lessons
Contact Equipment: 4 lessons
Teeter: 4 lessons
Weave Poles: 4 lessons

Sequencing: 4 lessons. Sequencing (like an obstacle course) is putting together the skills you've learned in your prior classes. It is recommended that you've completed at least 2 of the 4 above topics (jumps, contacts, teeter, weave poles) before registering in Sequencing.

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Class Days and Times

Monday and Weds. evenings - for specific dates and times scroll down and click on Sign Up to go to our Shop page

Number of Classes per topic



Maximum of 4

Class Length

1 to 1.25 hours

Room Size

Foundations is held in the lobby area (approx. 700 square feet)  and all of the other topics are held in the large bay (2500 square feet)


In front of the building or on the street.

What to Bring

Treat pouch filled with treats broken into pea-sized pieces & a toy(s) if you dog likes toys.
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