Please attend Foundations at least 4 times before joining the Agility lessons. Foundations is offered on Monday evenings and Tuesday morning on a stand-alone basis. This means that yo register per lesson, rather than for a series.

After you've done at least 4 lessons of Foundations classes then our Agility classes are offered Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings also on a stand-alone basis. In each lesson we practice jumps, hoops and contact equipment. All activities are modified to accommodate each team's skill level.

Prerequisites: dog is friendly to humans; dog has previously attended a group class and is comfortable working around other dogs.

Class Size: Maximum of 3 for Foundations, 4 for Agility
Class Length: 60 minutes
Room size: 700 sq. ft for Foundations, 2500 square feet for Agility
Parking: In front of the building or on the street
What to Bring: Treat pouch filled with treats broken into pea-sized pieces & a toy(s) if your dog likes toys (no squeaky toys, please)

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