Focus Fido - Everyday Obedience

This is a 5 week manners class for dogs over 6 months old that need to learn, or have more practice with, commonly-valued skills such as auto-attention, sit, down, stay, coming when called and loose-leashing walking.

Pre-requisite: dog is friendly to humans; dog is not excessively reactive to other dogs.

**Important: While some excitement and some vocalizing is normal, the pre-requisite for this class is that your dog can work in a room with other dogs. If your dog is very difficult to walk because of lunging and barking then our Canine Calm class is the class we recommend.

Class size: Maximum of 6 students
Class length: 45-60 minutes
Room size: 2500 square feet
What to bring: 5-6 foot leash, a flat collar or harness, at least a cup of pea-sized treats and a pocket or pouch to put your treats in.

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