Bright Puppy Program (includes Puppy Playtime and Let's Go!)

This force-free, fun program has a number of parts that are included in the course fee. The program starts as soon as your puppy meets the entry criteria and lasts until they turn a year old. The fee for this entire time period is $475 + gst.

Class size is limited to 8 teams. The classroom is 3000 square feet.

Entry Criteria

Main Concepts

In this program we teach foundation skills – auto attention, name recognition, loose leash walking, coming when called, drop it/trade, polite greetings, getting on/off surfaces when asked, lying down on a mat, hand target, head through a hoop and so much more! We also address common behaviours like mouthing/biting, resource guarding, house training, and so on. Everything is carefully planned for enrichment and is based on how dogs learn.

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Bright Puppy Primer

Your first lesson is called the Bright Puppy Primer. It is an Orientation class that you attend with your puppy. We do on-going entry starting new families twice a week.

Bright Puppy Lessons

After attending the Primer, we will send you a link to a simple reservation system so that you can begin attending the Bright Puppy lessons. You will attend these for at least 8 weeks. They are 45 minutes long and offered 9 times per week. You can attend as many times a week as you'd like

Puppy Playtime

This part is available to you until your puppy turns 18 weeks of age. This is your puppy's opportunity to play with other puppies. Play groups are seperated by size and play style. Everyone starts at 5:45pm. There is a possibily that you will be bumped up to 6:15pm as your puppy's play evolves.

Nose work for Puppies

This activity is the perfect balance of mental and physical activity. As part of Bright Puppy program you have the opportunity to attend two nose work sessions as an introduction to this excellent hobby!

Let's Go!

The course fee also includes our adolescent classes which we call Let's Go! You will start these after you puppy has attended at least 6 weeks of the Bright Puppy lessons. The Let's Go! lessons are available to you until your puppy turns a year old. In these lessons you will be presented with new challenges that apply all the things you learned in the Bright Puppy lessons. The fee for everything described above is $475 + gst. To sign up for this comprehensive program click on sign up. After you have completed the registration information we will send you an email with the subject line 'Bright Puppy Start Date' that gives you the information you need for your first lesson.

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