Sports Foundations

Sports Foundation Skills is the prerequisite for our Agility classes. 

Note: we recommend that you do this class before you do any type of sports class as it will increase your enjoyment of our other sports classes. 

Pre-requisites: dog is at least 6 months of age, dog is friendly to humans, dog has previously attended a group class and is comfortable working in a classroom with other dogs. Dogs knows basic skills such as sit, lie down, stay, coming when called. 

# of lessons: 4
Teams: Maximum of 4
Class Length: 45 minutes
Room size: lobby or upstairs classroom
Parking: In front of the building or on the street
What to Bring: regular collar and/or harness, 5-6 foot leash, treat pouch filled with treats broken into pea-sized pieces & a toy(s) if your dog likes toys (no squeaky toys please)

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