Scent Hurdle

Scent hurdling is partly about obedience, and partly about speed. It’s similar to flyball in that it’s a four-dog team event, a relay race up and back over a line of small hurdles. However, the object of each dog’s attention at the end of the course is not a spring-loaded box that spits out tennis balls, but a board on which are placed four identical dumbbells, one of which carries his handler’s scent. The dog must sniff out the right dumbbell, pick it up, and bring it back over the jumps. Good scent-hurdle dogs are both fast and accurate, and as enthusiastic about their game as flyball specialists are about theirs.


Class days and times

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. Click on Sign Up to see specific dates.

Number of Classes



Maximum of 4

Class Length

45 minutes


In front of the building or on the street.

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